I’m Now a Voice Actress

Right after Project A-kon I was given the exciting new opportunity to do something that I’ve always wanted to do – voice act. I’m happy and proud to announce that I have been voice acting for FUNimation, and I’m so incredibly grateful to them for this opportunity. I can’t talk about anything I’ve been in yet, but when I can I will definitely post about it along with links and the works. ^_^

In other news I have updated my appearance/convention schedule with two new events for this year. Check it out on my Convention Schedule page.

Also, I am re-releasing Enchanted. It now updates every Wednesday and you can read it for free on Manga Magazine.

The last couple of manga workshops in Mesquite and Allen were a blast and I had so much fun meeting aspiring comic creators. Hopefully they learned something useful from my ranting!

The next stop is AnimeFEST. I will be in the Bizarre Bazaar and of course selling original anime paintings in the art show. If you’re attending please swing by and say hello!

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