Convention Schedule

Here is my convention/appearance schedule for 2020 in which I will be making guest appearances. I’m usually giving panels on how to draw manga, self publishing, voice acting and other cool stuff, so if you’re in the area you should stop by! I love to chat and meet other aspiring artists, actors and anime/manga fans.

There are still some discussions going on for some future conventions, so I will add them as they are confirmed. To book an appearance at a future convention or event please send inquiries to

Don’t see a con on this list but want me to come there? Tell the convention! They don’t know what attendees want until you tell them . You have the power! (Kind of.)



Amazing Comic Con Aloha – Feb. 21- 22nd, 2020

Comic Con

GalaxyCon Richmond – Feb. 28 – Mar. 1, 2020
Richmond, VA

Comic Con

NakaCon – March 15-17, 2020
Overland Park, KS

Anime Convention 

GalaxyCon Raleigh – July 30 – Aug 2, 2020

Comic Con

GalaxyCon Minneapolis- Nov. 6 – Nov 8, 2020
Minneapolis, MN

Comic Con






14 Responses to Convention Schedule

  1. Alexandra says:

    Will you be coming to AnimeFest this year? I bought your first chapter of Enchanted and instantly fell in love with your story and artwork. I was hopping to buy more chapters from you! 🙂

    • I hope so, Alexandra, though I haven’t heard anything from them yet about being a guest. The best thing you can do when you want to see a guest at a convention, is contact the convention and say who you would like to see. They can’t always get everyone you might want, but it helps them to know who the fans want to see.

  2. Kristin says:

    My daughter had the opportunity to meet you for the second time this weekend at A-Kon. Than you for taking the time out to meet with each of your fans. I think it is good for her to get to meet someone who designs comics like she hopes to one day. I want to be able to cultivate her craft if that is what she wishes to do. I think it beneficial for her to hear that it is more than just about the pretty faces and that the basics will only make her stronger. Once again it was a pleasure to meet you this weekend and thank you for taking the time out to talk to my daughter.

    • It is no problem at all! I remember her coming by the table with her dad. When you are young you don’t always understand why you need to learn life drawing, but as she gets older she will understand. =) Thank you guys for coming by!

  3. Leia Murray says:

    I really love your works! (By the way, I was the one at Bam Fest in Burleson with the ponytail, I’ll be looking for you to use my hairstyle!) Thanks for taking time to meet all your fans!

  4. I’m planning to save up to go to this year’s A&G Ohio and want to send a guest booking to invite you to their con this year. Unfortunately I’m having some trouble figuring out where to contact them for the booking guests. There’s two of the options that seem suitable (Con-ops and Guest Relations) but I’m trying to figure out the right one. What should I do?

  5. Madison says:

    Do you think you’ll make it to Dallas A-Kon this year? I’d love to meet you! I have a pretty big speech impediment, so you’re an inspiration to me!

  6. Demi✿ says:

    Just wondering, will you be having a panel at any of the cons in Dallas? i remember being one of the people to meet you at the Keller Library for the manga style drawing course and i am really inspired by your work!


    • I haven’t been invited to any Dallas conventions as of yet this year. But you can always reach out to the convention and request me as a guest. They usually take attendees into consideration a little more than us, haha. =)

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