Here are a few ways you can get in touch with Kristen.

1.) Convention/library appearance inquiries can be e-mailed to

2.) General questions can be e-mail to me at kriscomics (at)

3.)  If you would like an autograph, you can either send your items in though vShout or purchase a print from Kristen, here: vShout

4.) Please direct voice over work inquires to Dean Panaro.


4 Responses to Contact

  1. Kyle says:

    My daughter is interested in Anima art and has to do an interview of an artist for a school project. I was wondering if there is anyway for her to contact you other than email so she can conduct her interview. If there is no other way may she email you her questions for a response? Thank you for your time

  2. Duncan Atkinson says:

    Dear Ms McGuire,

    I thought the Fighter keychain you tweeted about was very good. I’m not on twitter, so I please reblog the picture on tumblr, unedited of course, with a link to the original post?

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