I Wish I Were Blue E-book Releasing Soon!

"I Wish I Were Blue" Sneak Peek

This Friday March 2nd my children’s e-book, “I Wish I Were Blue” will be available for purchase on all Amazon Kindle Products and apps! I am very excited to be releasing my first ever children’s book.

This book which was written and illustrated by yours truly is about a bear who is tired of being a “plain brown bear” and wishes he could paint himself a new color. He paints himself several different interesting colors and patterns before he realizes it is not his appearance that makes him unique, rather his personality and individual traits. Also a fun rhyming book, young toddlers and preschoolers will find themselves expanding their language skills as well as learning about new colors and patterns as well.

Also, coming soon will be a free accompanying color sheet so your child can color their own unique bear! Stay tuned for more info and a link on this exciting new e-book!

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