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  1. Judith Vega says:

    i was at A-con and brought all your comics and had you sign the picture i got with them and i can tell you now that i enjoyed your work very much and pleas continue to do your best.

  2. Boring, Terra says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that you are an amazing artist and that you should keep making manga’s and whatever makes you and others happy! You have blooming talent. You are my art role model. I can’t wait to see you at Anime Fest this year! My name will be the name I put! Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Boring, Terra says:

    *claps hurriedly excitedly like a young child* Yay! I’ll be there, with my(and my friend’s) drawings! Have a good day!!! X3

  4. Charles Self says:

    I bought all of your manga issues today at Anime Fest 2014. After I got home I really enjoyed reading all of them (Enchanted and A Day in the Life of A Cat Girl). I laughed my head off each time the characters broke the “fourth wall” and mentioned their knowledge of being in a manga. Special thanks to you for giving me a print for buying the manga. Keep up the nice work.

  5. Luther Ward says:

    Do you still do commission work? Would like to get a manga drawing of my daughters done for them.

  6. Random Anon says:

    Hello! I was wondering how to become a guest artist/artist like you at conventions? Do my art abilities have to be at a specific level or do I have to be over a minimum age? And do I have to talk with someone or fill something out? Sorry for so many questions and thank you so much if you answer them!! I’ll be going to mini AKon this year if they decide to reschedule! xP

    • Hi!

      Well I can only tell you how I went about it, keeping in mind that of course guest invites happen differently for everyone. I started in artist alley selling my comic books. After spending my first few years attending panels, I started joining in on hosting group panels and trying to host my own panels. After I felt comfortable giving panels I was approached by a small library convention that asked me to be a guest at their one-day event. I agreed to go to that and it was there that I learned about Mini A-Kon. I e-mailed them asking if they wanted an artist guest to give panels and told them about what I could do and what kind of panels I had hosted before. They agreed to have me out. I spent a few years doing events like that for free and continued to put out new comics and art and hosted panels about drawing and comics whenever I could. Eventually word got around that I was a friendly, outgoing person who could give good panels on drawing, and now I had a sizable fan base (from putting out new comics continuously and giving panels every year) and so in 2012 AnimeFest gave me my first big opportunity to be a guest at their con, and after that A-Kon followed suit as well as other conventions.

      The thing is, yes you have to be a decent artist (though I’ve improved greatly over the years) but also, you have to be a decent human being. Be someone that people enjoy being around. Be friendly. Don’t be a diva. Remember you’re there because of the people who have bought your art and books. Don’t fan girl or fan boy over other guests. We’re all just people. You want to be someone that everyone feels comfortable being around. So much of being guest has to do with having the right personality, because you’re not just a guest – you’re essentially an entertainer. If you do all of those things, if you’re friendly, entertaining, and an enjoyable person for not just the attending but also the convention volunteers, you will be asked back. To me, the greatest compliment is one where the convention asks you back year after year, because that means you’re doing something right.

      I hope that helps! (Sorry if it was wordy!)

      • Random Anon says:

        Thankyou so much for replying! I’m not old enough yet for the artist alley so I guess I’ll take the time in between to improve my art :> Thanks for the tips! I agree that being friendly is really big haha~ I don’t mind a wordy reply! And thankyou so much again and I hope you continue to do what you love c:

  7. Jakal Niani says:

    Hey, just gonna compliment you on your style. I’m an aspiring artist, and currently working on my own website. I’m trying to meet other artists, and get some tips on how I can improve, so if any artists would give emails, I can send in some stuff to get feedback on whether or not my art is worthy to sell…. thanks humaaaans!

  8. I like art with Anime/Manga style

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